Subject editors  Dr. Ramón López-Martín, Universitat de València, Spain  Dr. Paulo Dias, Universidade Aberta of Lisbon, Portugal  Dr. Alejandro Tiana Ferrer, National Distance Education University, Spain

Starting from the premise that it is education that makes innovation possible, the development of the ‘learning to learn’ competency is the key to understanding how to innovate. At a time when communication and exchange of information via new digital technologies are subject to immediacy, good educational practices are needed to enhance pertinent, excellent learning within the higher education setting. On the implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), the university opted for a competency-based learning approach focused on the student. The idea that one-way transmission of knowledge exclusively taught on campus was no longer enough. Human knowledge can only be enhanced by making the transition from education focused on teaching to education focused on learning, which has consolidated the…

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